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Thaumaturgy is a mystical force in the world of Sui Generis which is utilized by thaumaturges. It could be compared to magic in other fantasy settings but exists in Sui Generis in a low fantasy manner. A lot of the game's main storyline will likely be based around thaumaturgy as:

"thaumaturges, people with powerful psychic abilities, have abandoned their once benevolent nature turning to cruel and dark activities in their quest for ultimate power."[1]

In Exanima, the acquiring of thaumaturgic powers are said to be partly story based and learned through the present skills system implemented for combat, but the player will also encounter several jumps in power simply by visiting certain locations.


Thaumaturgy has six forms:

The various forms of thaumaturgy do not have specific purposes, but rather specific kinds of effect which can be used for varying purposes. Mind thaumaturgy, for example, can be used to animate corpses by evoking the transcendent mind of the deceased. They then control their own bodies using their own dormant thaumaturgic capacity. It can also be used for mind control.


The practice of Thaumaturgy is implemented as what is called by Thaumaturgists as a "binding". Binding refers to establishing a link between the energy in the surrounding environment and a target or a defined area. This link that is bound is created by the thaumaturgist who must concentrate very hard in order to sustain the intended effects. Up until after the events of Exanima devices such as lamps and everlasting fires that created what seemed to be a "perpetual binding" were thought to be impossible and only theoretical.


The power tree of a thaumaturgy is shown below, and each aspect of the powers: Continuous Powers, Sustained Powers, Mods, and the Powers themselves.

The power tree can be opened with the P key, and powers can be dragged to the top bar for use. When in game, the C key can be used in tandem with the number keys 1 through 0 to use powers.


Large Icons of the tree refer to the individual powers learnable.

continuousPower.jpg: Icons bearing this frame refer to continuous powers which reserve a portion of focus and is toggled. This can only be unlocked by learning the skill Continuity from Concentration.

SpiritFormSustainedFrame.png: Icons bearing this frame refer to sustained powers which drains more focus the longer it is used. The Sustain skill from Insight decreases the focus consumption.

ThaumMod1.jpg: Icons with the sunburst overlay are mods which increase the number of targets than can be affected. This can only be unlocked by learning the skill Expansion from Insight.

ThaumMod2.jpg: Icons with the aperture overlay are mods which focus the effect on a more specific target. This can only be unlocked by learning the skill Convergence from Insight.

Casting Powers[]

The ability to cast powers, is based off of the power of the caster's thaumaturgic mind. More complex powers require more power to cast. If the caster has little power, casting the spell may work successfully, or it may cast in a slightly different way: it could back fire, it could be very weak, it could be uncontrollably powerful causing chaos. More power will also increase the general effectiveness of all your powers.

Powers are cast by the consumption of focus. Focus is like stamina of the mind. Focus can be quickly depleted but will recover slowly over time.

There are three different ways of casting powers:

  • Sustained: You sustain the effect until you decide to stop, consuming focus for the duration.
  • Immediate: The power produces a one time effect, it might also require a charge up time. Both the final effect and charge up consume focus.
  • Continuous: You toggle the power on and off. While active, the power takes up a chunk of your focus.

Tweaking Powers[]

Tweaking powers will allow the player slightly change a thaumaturgic power in a desired fashion. An example of this would be to change how the power is cast. Tweaking will give access to a different version of the power rather than upgrading the original power. This means that both powers can be accessible and players will be able to tweak their powers in different fashions, creating a sort of branching tree of powers.

An example of this would be the Force Blast power. Force Blast is a very basic Force power that allows the player to create a force pushing forwards when cast. This power could be tweaked to be sustained instead of immediate. Or it could be tweaked to push in all directions instead of just forwards. It could even be tweaked to become more coherent, creating a shield of sorts. The player could combine any number of these tweaks together. If the player combined all of them, he/she would have a very advanced power which would create an omnidirectional shield which the player could sustain for as long as he/she had focus. A very advanced thaumaturge may even tweak the shield to be cast on enemies, allowing him/her to displace the air inside, suffocating the enemy (it is not confirmed if multiple forms of thaumaturgy will be used in one tweaked power or used separately to achieve dynamic affects).

The ability to tweak powers allows for broad customisation in thaumaturgy, beyond the choice of an innate form.

Innate Form[]

The player character can use all forms of thaumaturgy to some level, but one form is innate to the character and where he or she will excel. The player chooses their innate form during character creation and there are no plans to make it changeable once this decision is made. It will be possible to learn powers from other forms of thaumaturgy, but not as effectively as if they were of your innate form. These powers will likely have to be learnt from another thaumaturge or from another source rather than being learnt naturally.

There may or may not be a choice to have a character who is a jack of all trades kind of thaumaturge who has a slightly advanced use of all forms but this has not been confirmed. It also may be possible for advanced thaumaturges to select a second form which will become more advanced than others, this will still not be as advanced as a characters original innate form, however.


Thaumaturgic power is not advanced through a gradual progression as thaumaturgy is used. Instead, the character gains greater power through absorbing a portion of the transcended minds of others as they die. The more transcended the mind, the greater the amount of power absorbed. These moments may also grant thaumaturgic knowledge. This knowledge may also be gained through natural insight and other sources. A pure thaumaturge will be a very advanced character build and will likely require the player to transition into such a build rather than start the game with such a build. Advancement through thaumaturgy will likely mean that the player will level the Concentration, Meditation and Insight skills.