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Sui Generis, an open-world fantasy role-playing game, is the first game being developed by Bare Mettle Entertainment, a new independent game developer. The game had already been in development for one year by October 30, 2012, when the developers decided to open a crowdfunding campaign to raise £150,000. The campaign ended on November 30th, 2012, successfully reaching its goal by raising over £160,000. Although the game's release date is to be announced, Exanima, the prelude, intends to feature many of the full game's mechanics so that they can be tested as the full game is being developed.

On a treacherous world with a tortured history the meagre remnants of humanity live in awe of a misconceived past, haunted by forgotten gods and fearful of the very ground they tread. A vast sprawling underworld ever present below their feet, baleful demons lying in wait. Thaumaturges, people with powerful psychic abilities, have abandoned their once benevolent nature turning to cruel and dark activities in their quest for ultimate power. Awoken by impending threats, an abandoned and damaged being gives rise to its ancient weapons who now walk amongst the people again.

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The game will be available for PC only. Windows is initially supported and Mac support is expected, but it is not yet known if Linux will be supported. Currently, platform support is not the primary focus as the game itself is being developed first.

Payment model[]

The game will have to be purchased once. Pricing details are not yet available, but the game is currently open for preorders at £10.99 GBP. You will be able to download the full game directly from their website, free of DRM. Purchases now also include a Steam key.


Sui Generis is an unconventional open-world RPG focused more on world exploration and interaction rather than heavy combat and collecting experience points. The world of Sui Generis will have a life of its own. Events won't wait for a player character to accept a quest; they will happen even if the player character isn't there and may have worse outcomes if the player character is not involved. The game will not permit saving or loading, though the state of the world will be saved when the player stops playing. The non-player characters in the game are designed with a core AI system intended to give them diverse and meaningful behaviors influenced by the player character's actions, appearance and disposition.

Combat situations will typically be occasional, but will be meaningful when they do occur. The combat system is highly physics-driven, and the environment is intended to be fully interactive. The character advances through a system based on skills and thaumaturgic powers, not levels or classes. Creatures or characters do not become more powerful as the player character does, allowing a player to explore more difficult areas or defeat more powerful opponents as the character advances.


The setting is a dark, medieval fantasy world with a tortured history. Only remnants of humanity remain, in awe of a misunderstood past, fearful of the very ground on which they watch, and haunted by forgotten gods. A vast underworld exists beneath their feet with demons lying in wait. Thaumaturges, individuals with psychic abilities, once having a benevolent nature, now seek ultimate power at any cost. An abandoned and wounded being gives rises to its abandoned weapons, which now walk again amongst the people.


System requirements[]

Specific requirements have not been released, but the developers have indicated the requirements will be similar to other titles in the genre. Early versions of the Combat Beta have showed not only displayed excellent performance on traditional graphics cards, but Intel Graphics users have reported that the game works very well for them as well.

Game support[]

Sui Generis Wiki is focused on creating the definitive guide to Sui Generis. But while we make an effort to be complete, which may include game bugs and fixes for them, we are not an official game support channel. For Exanima, please direct support requests to the Troubleshooting subforum in the game's Steam discussions. Once Sui Generis itself is available, it is likely there will be a similar subforum.

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