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Mind is one of the six forms of Thaumaturgy. It's possible uses are: influencing the minds of others; causing various mental effects to others; controlling the minds of others; raising the dead. Added to Exanima 0.8 on 1st April 2020.

Ability Tree[]




Loyalty.png Mentioned by developers on 31st Oct 2018. Hypnotises an enemy, even undead to fight for you at the cost of some sustained focus.

Prerequisites: Trust and Continuity



Mentioned by developers on 31st Oct 2018. Makes a hostile foe stop fighting you.
Prerequisites: Calm
Mods: Directed Trust - Requires Convergence


Calm.jpg Calms and reduces the opponent's willingness to attack. Enemies can still be hostile even when calmed.
Prerequisites: Innate affinity with mind Thaumaturgy
Mods: MassCalm.jpg Mass Calm - Requires Expansion


Enrage.jpg Enrages the opponent, potentially inciting it to attack anyone that it sees regardless of its affiliation with any group
Prerequisites: Calm and Inversion
Mods: MassEnrage.jpg Mass Enrage - Requires Expansion

Mask Mind[]

B928e019a47cf8ce5a08b5999ac5472f.png Hides the presence of your mind from other creatures and Thaumaturges, potentially making you imperceptible to creatures who don't use eyes to orientate themselves such as skeletons.
Prerequisites: Innate affinity with mind Thaumaturgy and Inversion

Mods: Continuous Mask Mind - Requires Continuity

Mind Sense[]

E50c3cc94c0ae074cf4e5fa6cec396d5.png Senses the presence of other minds. Shows the mood of a creature via colors: Blue - Friendly/Calm, Yellow - Wary, Orange - Alert, Red - Hostile, Purple - Afraid/Dying, White - Demonic/Unknown
Mods: Continuous Mind Sense - Requires Continuity


Cf65cc89d74003c3aceb81f6525bdd65.png Makes a target suspect another target that it would normally be friendly to.

Prerequisites: Trust and Inversion


Bcf670475fecbe0fbb5a9a5d0c094538.png Take control of a mind, allowing you to directly control another creature or person.
Prerequisites: Spirit Form, Loyalty and Union


1136b7ec7c6f3ca3de708da16a16abb1.png Makes a target afraid and potentially flee from you (?)

Prerequisites: Confusion, Suspicion and Union.

Mods: Mass Fear - Requires Expansion


0023b094038088b03d3d2d239fb230fc.png Makes a target confused and act randomly, sometimes attacking its own allies.

Prerequisites: Innate affinity with mind Thaumaturgy

Mods: Mass Confusion - Requires Expansion


Da3a16d6a0f5702135fce84fa1cf6711.png Rallies a target's spirit to become more brave in the face of terrifying things like large demons.

Prerequisites: Fear

Command Dead[]

023e0a5615bb51deef0cc5471e729a32.png Raises up to 3 undead or skeletal servants (If Continuity II and III are taken) to fight for you.

Prerequisites: Possession

Banish Dead[]

37258dca6a9dbc89e527d80f6118767d.png Severs the link of the dead's control over it's body.

Prerequisites: Command Dead

(Not yet implemented as of update

Spirit Form[]

3e3b2d7de3ddd0002e125385c772ba80.png Manifests the user in spirit form. With this, it is possible to phase through even locked doors.

Prerequisites: Mask Mind and Coherence


Some effects include Ogres being specifically controllable by the use of mind control in a thread about non-human races on the forums. Also, necromancy is related to the concept of the transcendent mind, which all creatures possess to a certain extent, which can linger after death. Necromancy powers will likely be continuous powers.

Certain creatures, such as Sir, Ghouls, and other similar beasts are immune to the influences of Mind Thaumaturgy, even repelling attempts to sense their state of mind.