Sui Generis Wiki

Maps in Sui Generis have been discussed on the forums and comments have been made by Madoc as to the teams' ideas for how maps will work. The ideas for the players map, are that the map will start as incomplete. From here, several approaches has been discussed. Although, the two following theories are the most recently been discussed and are likely to be seen implemented in a future. Although, the discussion is currently under discussion on the forum in the Insider Section, so nothing is set in stone!

  1. Anywhere the player visits will be added to the map, so, as the player explores locations and terrain, the map will be filled with detail. The map will feature an arrow, representing the player's facing and position on the map.
  2. Player will have a short-term memory of the map. Being knocked out, will render this short-term memory clean, resulting in no recollection of the area. The player is therefore required to commit these memories onto a piece of paper, using ink and paper. Developers have discussed on how these peices will be aligned, and still no conclusion has been made.

Points of Interest[]

Points of interest will appear on the map when players have visited a location or if someone has marked a location on the map for the player. Points of interest will not be hinted at when the player is close to a location as there is no intention to artificially assist the player's exploration. Points of interest will only be visible on the map, there will be no heads up display pointing in the direction of objectives or locations. Viewing your map to navigate to points of interest will not pause the game. Points of interest may not necessarily be correct or accurate, if a player finds a ruin, for example, but doesn't know what it's called, it may be marked vaguely as "Ruin".

The ability for players to be able to make annotations to maps and essentially add their own points of interest was considered to make a lot of sense and be easy to implement by Madoc.

Buying Maps[]

Maps may be bought or found in Sui Generis which aid the player in exploration. The use of these maps will integrate crude representations of unexplored areas to the players map. The player would then be able to explore the area and add the normal level of detail to it.

Getting Lost[]

If the player loses their location, by teleportation or unconsciousness, the map will no longer be updated. Instead, a map will be made of the players local area, like normal, but it will not be positioned anywhere relative to the main map. If the player returns to somewhere they've visited before and they know how they got there relative to their new map, the maps will be merged. If the player ends up somewhere they've been before, but that they still don't know the location of, the map they made last time they were there will be retained and added to. This will likely happen quite often in the underworld. This essentially allows the player to map anywhere they've been, but only allows for the mappings to be combined when the player travels through one map to another and knows about it.


The developers have expressed their interest in some form of minimap to give the player a better sense of their surroundings. This is because the view the player has of their surroundings is limited by the isometric nature of the game. Minimaps, however, can sometimes be exploited as the player spends their time navigating through it instead of looking at the world. This is something the developers would definitely like to avoid and so minimaps are unconfirmed.