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A table of books in Exanima - prelude to Sui Generis. Listed in no particular order but attempt to keep a sense of chronology in their discovery.

Name Image Content Location
Book BookCatalogue1.png A catalogue exhaustively describing many common and unremarkable plants in great detail. It's hard to imagine why anyone would undertake such a pointless endeavour. Exanima Level 1
Book BookLogbook1.png A detailed log of various materials being delivered and dispatched. The script and some of the spelling seem very unusual. What you assume must be dates have a format that you can't make sense of. Exanima Level 1
Book BookLogbook2.png A log of work orders, it seems as though many people were involved in completing them. Most of the names seem strange and many items are described with words you've never seen before. Exanima Level 1
Book BookLogbook3.png A list of people assigned guard duty here. The same names are repeated, signed and stamped over and over again. Occasionally a name disappears suddenly and is replaced by another, no reason for this is noted. Exanima Level 1
Book BookLogbook4.png A long list of people undergoing treatment of often grevious wounds. Many of the injuries appear to be bites and lacerations, presumably resulting from the attacks of some sort of animal. Exanima Level 1
A dusty old book From what can be read, it appears to have been used to record the store levels, supply and distribution of lumber.
Exanima Level 1 Unobtainable?
Deconstructing Humanity BookDeconstructingHumanity.png Deconstructing Humanity by Aldair Hanks.

A medical book on human anatomy. Mostly complex diagrams and surgical terminology. There are underlined passages and circled diagrams in the section that deals with the brain.

Exanima Level 1
The Forgotten Power BookTheForgottenPower.png The Forgotten Power by Anonymous

According to this book humans are powerful, immortal beings that have forgotten their true nature. That, by living your life by a certain moral code performing certain rituals and eating a certain diet, you can achieve great power and ultimately unlock your dormant immortality.

Exanima Level 1
Life of Linus Fendrick BookLifeOfLinusFendrick.png Life of Linus Fendrick by Anonymous.

A famous book with an even more famous story surrounding it, often told by mothers to their young children, a cautionary tale on the dark and sinister trappings of thaumaturgy. Fendrick was a gifted thaumaturge who lost his young wife and three children in some gruesome accident. He was thus driven to necromancy in hope of resurrecting them, not the traditional crude raising of the dead, but with will sentience and cognizance. His practices and experiments were most vile in nature. Kidnappings, torture, murder, keeping his family's bodies in a state between life and death for some forty years; his crimes were plentiful and led to nothing save failure and despair.

Exanima Level 1
Ghosts Screenshot 3.png This book presents itself as nothing more than a collection of absurd theories on the existence of ghosts, however there are parts written in a different tone.

"There is an innate power in the ghost realm, unlike the physical world it is not governed by the constraints of matter or the laws of physics. A ghost can conjure anything, any object or power they can simply call into being, much as we do when we dream. This however requires keen awareness of their condition, an understanding of their realm and their place within it. Most ghosts wander in a state of confusion, at the mercy of twisted thoughts and perceptions, but not all. there are those that have awakened, or perhaps never slept, never were in a dream like state. These wield great power, they can shape things not only in the ghost realm but within our own."

Exanima Level 1
Binding of the Dead BookBindingOfTheDead.png Binding of the Dead by Linus Fendrick.

The pages of this book are stuck together and ruined by copious amounts of blood.

Exanima Level 1
Forgotten BookForgotten.png Forgotten by Aime Koren.

A scholarly book about memory and cognizance. What we forget and why we forget it, how we choose to make a history for ourselves regardless of the facts, how we are defined by the wholly unreliable and subjective thing we call memory.

Exanima Level 1
The Kingdom Beyond BookTheKingdomBeyond.png The Kingdom Beyond by Alisian Dayen.

In a brutal battle a knight named Buto is trapped behind enemy lines. He fights valiantly but is overwhelmed and captured. His captors demand strategic information, but his interrogator is kind to him and tries to win him over to their cause. Buto is loyal to his king and will not give them anything of import. In time however a friendship is established between him and his interrogator. One day the interrogator reveals himself as the very king of Buto's captors and tells him that through their exchanges he has learned much to gain an advantage in the war. He offers Buto his freedom, so that he can return to his king and that one day they might meet again in battle. As Buto leaves his prison he sees the people he would assail in a new light and is disheartened, he knows too that he may be received by his own people as a traitor. And so he asks if he can stay and lead a simple life. The king consents, knowing that he will grow to love and cherish his new home and people, a formidable warrior who will rise to protect them.

Exanima Level 2
Book BookLogbook5.png This log is filled with detailed reports of people violating certain rules. Most of these rules are obviously aimed at preventing the entry of intruders. They are strict and elaborate to the point of seeming a product of paranoia. Exanima Level 2
Book BookLogbook6.png (Nothing, error?) Exanima Level 2
The Guardian's Wrath WrathBook.png
The Earth on which we walk is our mother, she provides for us all that we may need. Our ancestors, in their mad lust for power sought more, they began to dig deep into our Earth, in search of her lifeblood. And so by digging they uncovered the Underworld and its fearsome Guardian. He sent forth terrible demons to drive them out and hunt them down. Before all could be slain, our ancient kin sealed the entrances to the Underworld and swore never to return. Thus we are allowed to live upon this Earth, but ever under the watchful eye of the Guardian.
Exanima Level 2
The Guardian of the Underworld BookTheGuardianOfTheUnderworld.png
This book explores various myths surrounding the Guardian but does so in what seems like a tendentious manner, casting him in a more positive light than he is commonly viewed in. You suspect it is tied to some cult dedicated to the worship of the Guardian.

The Guardian of the Underworld, known also as the Keeper of the Dead, is the most prominent figure in our mythology. As with most our myths it differs depending on whom you ask, the Guardian's role in particular is an ambivalent one. There is fear of what he represents and of his dark and dangerous realm but there is also a feeling of deference and a belief that he will watch over our loved ones once they pass away. We inter our dead to consign them to the Guardian's care and we believe that he will grant them a life beyond this one. Behind the intimidating titles and malicious curses the Guardian is also a giver of life. He is said to restore life to those that have fallen in his service, or that some become beholden to him owing to their resurrection. Perhaps the most notable myth is that in a time of dire need the Guardian will raise an army of those given into his care to defend us. What is it then that he guards? Does he simply watch over our dead and his dreadful realm or might it be that he is in fact our protector?
Exanima Level 2
Book L5RecipeBook.png
A book containing a great many recipes for mixtures, salves, and unguents. They seem to be all targeted at curing conditions that you've never heard of.

Exanima Level 5
Journal Journal.png As we are now invaded, I have asked my assistant to bring me what bodies of the creatures he can. I believe that through dissection I may be able to discover some weakness, some way we might combat them more effectively.

I have made a very strange discovery, through an upsetting accident. I found a kind of gland, filled with a highly adhesive fluid. It made contact with my hand, and within a short period of time the skin on my arm has changed. It has become tough, almost scaly. I am hoping the effect will wear off with time.

It has been several days and my skin has not improved. I've consulted the physician Theris, we've come to the conclusion that it must be an altering agent, changing the structure and function of living tissues it contacts.

Theris wants to know more, and we've decided to test small doses on those in his care who do not have long to live. I will persuade Elko to go below and fetch more, where many of the creatures can now be found.

The glands seem to have many varied effects! In some subjects we noticed nothing but mild disfiguration, sometimes with mild adverse effects, but in other we've noticed such things as an increase in strength, or a capacity or more rapid movements. The changes are small, so we cannot be certain, more tests are needed.

We've now had two serious accidents and we must stop. We noticed some fleeting changes in behaviour, but now we've had a second subject lose all reason and suddenly act as a trapped animal.

Exanima Level 5
Book BookAlchemicalTreatise.png This appears to have been an alchemical treatise holding many recipes for the transmutation of materials and producing magical effects. A great many of its pages seem to have been torn out in a terrible hurry. What is left is written in words that are mostly beyond your comprehension. Exanima Level 6
Journal Journal.png This journal is filled with diagrams of what look like strange organs, and some others you don't understand. It seems various fluids were being tested on fleshy tissues, most of the names are very unusual. On the last written page, there seem to be the author's dying words:

I think I will die here. I can hear them at the door, scratching. I cannot escape.

Nephil, know that your concoction was entirely ineffective in deterring the monsters. I think we've got it all wrong, something else is driving them. I do not blame you, it was an honor to work with you, and I knew the risk I was taking.

Please take care of Esthra.

Exanima Level 7.5