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These pages lists all of the base items in Exanima based on the IDs enumerated by the game system. List initially compiled and released by DurDur on 12 Mar 2017. Updated by Khorpus as of 16th Jul 2019 for Exanima Version 0.7.3. Procedural Items are stored in Bank 00 00 40 and Bank 00 00 80 (and 01 00 80, 02 00 80 etc) which contain variations of items in terms of quality (Exceptional, Superior, Fine, Reinforced, Worn, Crude, Rusted), Colours and Patterns - They are sorted in no particular order and vary with every new game and entry upon a new level. Items generated as loadouts for enemies are grouped and are ordered from footwear to helmet. Currently, there are a total of 1096 base items (including unload-able items, and excluding quality and colour variants)

Item banks[]


Due to the wiki's limitations the full table was split into multiple pages. A spreadsheet with a list similar to the previous one can be located here.