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Concentration is a skill geared towards advancing in Thaumaturgy. Investing in this skill will lower the focus cost of continuous powers and will allow more of them to be used simultaneously. This should benefit those who use Thaumaturgy to do things like buff their character and their allies and necromancers who have to allocate focus to each reanimated corpse. Released in Exanima 0.8 on 1st April 2020.


71cf0bab7cb3f2f92353978b1e56e0e0.png Sustained bindings require much less of your focus.


1dd27b758c7894407e76cd2bf87e892b.png Maintain a binding while performing other tasks. Unlocks continuous powers like Loyalty in Mind Thaumaturgy.

Continuity II[]

4270e5328a0ec78a8e5dd06ff884a91e.png Maintain two bindings while performing other tasks.

Continuity III[]

E8cbacacb29e2f3ecf1ca826ef20c10b.png Maintain three bindings while performing other tasks.


3fb7e733065bd171e0c51bfab996acf4.png Continuous bindings require less of your focus.


2bb45a726ccc4fc3fb40cbba72f1d779.png You are able to regain focus more quickly.


39b865bde029e11c4e98d27de1abd10e.png You are less easily distracted or interrupted while shaping a binding.


32a402c28f3b5143bb25e3e814c103ee.png You are more resistant to mental intrusions and effects.