Sui Generis Wiki

Combat skills that relate to the use of melee weapons such as swords, spears, axes, maces etc.


Remise icon.png The player character does an additional swing after the first when the left mouse button is held down. Required for Dual Wield.


Feint icon.png The player character is able to feint by holding the left mouse button for a shorter duration and execute a real attack immediately afterwards by clicking the left mouse button again.


Fend icon.png The player character is able to cease his attack in order to parry at impromptu.


Riposte icon.png The player character is able to counter attack immediately after parrying the opponent's blow. Required for Dual Wield.

Dual Wield[]

Dual Wield icon.png The player character is able to hold another weapon in his other hand, and is able to use two weapons to defend with and attack at the same time. Remise and Riposte need to be learnt in order to learn this skill.

Unimplemented Skills[]


Draw (skill) icon.png Cut or hook with your weapon after landing a blow.


Impel (skill) icon.png Currently unknown. In-game description is currently only placeholder.


Brace (skill) icon.png Use stronger bracing parries to stop more powerful blows.